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Over 11,000 + Flight Time hours

High performance

Multi-engine planes

Pilot In-Command time.


Russell L. Bronson his lofty career includes more than two decades as an esteemed Airline Captain and Flight Officer. In all, Russ has logged over 11,000 + Flight Time hours, including high performance turboprop and multi-engine planes and Pilot In-Command time. He has commanded flights for American Eagle, Avant air, Empire Airlines, Corporate Aircraft Partners and Executive Airlines. Utilizing this aviation experience and his role as a Certified Flight Instructor, Russ authored the book “Secrets Revealed: How To Cut the High Cost of Learning How To Fly.”

Russ has studied Air Traffic Control at the United Stated Armed Forces Institute, and earned a degree in Business, Arts & Psychology from Los Angeles Pierce College. Russell is happily married, enjoys his two sons, daughter and one granddaughter, two grandsons and loves traveling all over the world. Even though retired from active flying, he enjoys recreational flying and helping aspiring pilots with their direction to a future of flying as a private pilot or flying career.

In addition to his expertise in flying, Russ has a background in Marketing and Production as an Executive Producer that encourages business’s to develop and maintain excellent reputation marketing with an emphasis in promoting 5 star reviews that helps maintain customer acquisition, positive feedback, great reviews and promoting customer expectations.

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