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1What’s becoming a pilot all about?
Becoming a pilot is more than a dream that takes you to the sky-high altitudes and across nations, seas and other picturesque areas. However, it takes some serious efforts to overcome and fulfill your dreams of becoming a pilot. If you’ve already decided to take on this aspiration with your career ambition to soar in the aviation industry, then here is some essential information for you. One of the first factors to consider before attempting Pilot training is to determine the overall cost structure of the course. The average cost of training for a private license is around $8500. Apart from this, there are other essential details that you need to follow. But, if you are too concerned with all these factors, then here is an excellent solution for you. If your final goal is to fly professionally, you need to know about the career prospects after obtaining certification and various licensing needed with the completion of the pilot training, there is, and will continue to be an increasing shortage of qualified pilots. You can choose to start training for a private pilot or a recreational pilot license while pursuing your dream. For those who can master this art can eventually see themselves as a Corporate or Airline Pilot too, but we all have to start at the beginning. All of these are quite prestigious designations and require adequate skills to reach the position. You will need a lot of information on these matters before you join a training program. The eBook ‘Secrets Revealed’ is your ultimate guide to become a successful pilot. You can download it instantly and read it on your desktop PC, Smartphone or even on an e-reader. The book is a storehouse of information but reasonably priced at only $6.95.
2About Author
‘Secrets Revealed’ is a fabulous and inexpensive eBook authored by Russell Bronson, an eminent Air Transport Pilot and Certified Flight Instructor. He has incorporated the four decades of experience in this eBook to offer the emerging aspirants in the industry a cost-effective solution of fulfilling their career goals. Russell has focused on many details necessary that one has to be aware of before starting flight training. He has provided essential tips that help reduce your expenses during the course significantly.
3Secrets Revealed eBook
The eBook is an essential guide to some important information. Here are some important highlights of the contents: Valuable tips on how to reduce the cost of training for a pilot Guidelines to cut down the training hours by attending the FAA training schools Save money on your training by applying for Scholarship programs Steps to get your license quickly Identify the best pilot training certification program Medical certificate requirements and norms for student pilots A guide to benefit the best online tutorial courses, books to follow, flying accessories, etc. Things to consider before visiting a flight instructor
4More about the eBook
There are often speculations about pilot training in the minds of novices from non-technical backgrounds. A lot of essential issues have been covered in this e-book apart from the ones mentioned above. There is absolutely no reason to worry, as the training in becoming a pilot does not require students to have any engineering background or possess any sort of mechanical training certificates. Your instructor will take you through all the minute details and teach you everything from scratch to help you become a pilot and help you attain your dream. It’s an amazing experience and Russell would like to help you on your journey to the limitless heights that begins through the pages of the ‘Secrets Revealed, How To Cut The High Cost Of Learning How To Fly’ eBook.
5Are Flying Lessons too Tough for the Novices and Students for Non-Technical Background?
The myth factor has always played a hindrance, raising speculations in the minds of the aspirants. Many students, despite having great potentialities and the urge to pursue a career as a pilot and reign the aviation industry, often have doubts in their minds whether they are capable enough or possess the caliber that can lead them through the path of successful completion of the training and placement with reputed airline companies. All that matters the most is their dedication and hard work during the training period, arranging for the license application and completion of some necessary formalities. These processes involve several important rules and regulations to be followed strictly. A good flight instructor with high experience in the training field is the person to guide you through these steps without any problems.
6Guide to Proper Decision Making for Pilot Training Aspirants
As an enthusiastic candidate, you may want to evaluate your chances of becoming a pilot before joining a training school. Well, this is a welcome first step and you will require some vital information to base your decision. One of the problems pertaining to this issue is that there is not much stuff available in the market that can provide a comprehensive guide to the students. Eyeing these facts, Russell has incorporated the facts and important stats in his eBook - Secrets Revealed to answer all the questions that may fill the mind. The eBook is dedicated to help the students and ease them into this adventuresome endeavor. During the 38 years in the aviation industry and professional flight instructor, Russell has found that the fee structure and the associated costs often arouse severe concerns in the students and their parents. To resolve these issues and actually guide the students to overcome the cost factors, he has added a detailed explanation to show how students can reduce the expenses on the training. Secrets Revealed has a section explaining the different ways to minimize the costs including: Essential information on the ways to reduce the flight lessons and the benefits of joining the FAA approved schools Tricks to hasten the learning process to save both fuel and money The secret of helping your flight training with discovery flights The airplane to use for saving money The ways to get 5-10% rebate on the essential training purchases that can save big bucks Several other important details in the book are structured to help the students to save their time and money during the training process for only $6.95.
7Role of the Flight Instructor
Amid all the processes of the flight training and completion of formalities, the majority of students suffer a lot in the absence of a proper guide. A good flight instructor is the most important person to teach the lessons properly, help you to acquire the knowledge of important technicalities in the airplane, steps to follow to complete the training hours successfully, pass the tests, and much more. Often the students are speculative about the learning curve and have serious concerns. Russell states that the training is not that difficult, as it seems to the majority of students initially. This fear fades away gradually with the passing time as you start training and spend time with your instructor, and immerse yourself into this wonderful world of flying. Dream of Becoming a Pilot Book - Only $6.95! Having logged over 11,000 hours in over 38 years, former Airline Captain Russell L. Bronson is now sharing information about the world of flying with you through this website! Why you may ask? When Russ himself was obtaining licenses and the necessary ratings for various facets of flying, there was no one to point him in the right direction! Looking back, Mr. Bronson, who has maintained a Certified flight instructor rating in addition to being an airline captain, realizes that he would have done some things differently in order to cut the high costs he paid to obtain his licenses and wants to share his insider secrets with men and women like you, yes you, who are eager to obtain some type of license for flying, be it for personal enjoyment or to carve out a career as a pilot, just as he did many years ago. In other words, Russell Bronson has come full circle and wants to share the wonderful world of flying with others who have flying aspirations just like he did then and continues to enjoy! Russell Bronson shares his select few tips here on this website, but for a small fee, unlock all the secrets and expert information that Russ has in store for you in his new e-book Secrets Revealed: How to Cut the High Cost of Learning How to Fly. If your dream is to learn how to soar the skies without paying an exorbitant price for it, this is definitely the book for you! Mr. Bronson’s accolades include ratings and licenses for Commercial, Instrument, Multi-engine land and Air transport ratings. Additionally, he has various “Type Ratings” on various aircrafts weighing over 12,500 lbs., including the Saab 340B, The Metro-Liner SA-227, the BAE 3200 Jetstream and most recently, the Italian made Piaggio 180, the world’s fastest turbo-prop plane!

Excited now?

For the low price of $19.99 you can now obtain his eBook on how you can achieve your dreams in a more cost-effective manner! Soon you will be flying the skies without your pocket being pinched, with the help of Russell, an aviation expert. Yes, it’s true all you need is his thorough step-by-step guide and you will be well on your way to your aviation dreams coming true! Welcome Aboard!

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